Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snowy Day

There is something about snow . . . it makes everything seem magical.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


He tried to curl up on my lap today, and even though he scrunched himself up to be as small as possible, he barely fit.  He's getting bigger every day and boasts of his independence, but he's still my baby.  And every so often, when I'm dead tired and can't wait to crawl in to bed, I find him there, on my side with my pillow.  Which pretty much makes my entire day.  I just look at his little sleepy face and it melts me.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


2015.  Whoa.  Time creeps up quick.  But, alas, New Year, new beginning, and we can all appreciate a fresh start.  I took a few months off from posting here (okay, like seven) and in that time, we finished our basement, I spent loads of time with my boys, worked on my photography skills, and best of all, I became “Aunt Lauren” to the most adorable little guy.  Seeing my sister become a mom just melts my heart . . . and reminds me of those early days with my own first baby.  

When January rolls around, we all have new goals and dreams we want to achieve in the upcoming year, mine include working on photography.  When I take photos, I almost always shoot in manual, and even though I have gotten a lot of practice, I still think there’s a lot for me to learn.  A friend of mine (who is an amazing photographer) asked me to join a “Project 52” where we post one photo a week (at this point, a 365 is just not happening for me . . . but maybe someday) and I will be sharing them here each week, with a little back story for each photo.  

f/4.0 ISO 160 1/400

It's been a long time since I threw a birthday party.  And, can I just say, kids birthday parties are out of control these days.  But Sawyer has been begging for a party with his friends, specifically, a ninja party.  Well, I dropped the ball and planned too late for the ninja party, but I came up with an alternative: kindergarten yoga party.  And, to me, that seems way better.  Yoga, smoothies, friends, and no gifts.  Yes, you read that correctly, no gifts.  That was part of the party negotiation with Sawyer.  And guess what, he was perfectly fine with it.  Shocked, I was.  But really, I think he really just wanted a special day with his friends, and isn't that the best way to celebrate?  When I thought about it more, we did decide to do gifts . . . just not for him.  On his invitation, we asked for unused clothing items to be donated to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, a local organization that does incredible things for families in need.  The photo above is the one we chose for his invitations.  And, below, are some hilariously adorable out takes of him finding his true north.

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