Monday, September 23, 2013

A Tale of Two Runners

via West Elm

Last week I talked about running, but this post is about a different kind of runner . . . specifically, this one.  After putting hardwood floors upstairs, our hallway was much louder and echo-y than when we had carpeting.  Solution?  Hallway runners.  I loved the Souk Wool rug from West Elm, and I couldn’t resist when they went on sale.  They are super soft and feel magical on your feet as you walk down the hallway.  But, the hallway was a bit long . . . which meant that one runner was not long enough (I needed three, two for the longest part of the hallway and one in the hall leading toward the older boys' room).  I lined them up, one behind the other in the hallway.  The lined up tassels looked too weird.  So while most sane people would return them for a more appropriate size/tassel-less option, I got out scissors and my sewing kit.  

The first thing I had to do was inspect the tassels to make sure that when I cut them, they didn't destroy the rug.  It was somewhat labor intensive because I had to delicately cut each piece and then tie off the part of the rug that the tassel was woven into.

Unbraiding . . .

. . . detangling . . .

. . . tying off the ends . . .

. . . cutting the excess . . .

. . . lining up the two rugs.

This is the part where things got intense.  I turned both rugs, good side down, and sewed them together (using the monofilament thread shown above) so that the small fringe (see the photo of the two rugs lined up) would face downward toward the floor once the rug was in place.  There was one part of this little project when I started to feel a bit panicky . . . because the rugs didn't line up completely.  These rugs are handmade, so no two are exactly alike.  But, this was one of the reasons that I fell in love with this rug.  And the results proved there was no need for panicking.  It's hard to even see where the rugs are sewn together, and it truly does look as if the rug was meant to be as one.  It fits the space, has a design I love, absorbs little boy voice echoes, and is a cozy spot to play.  DIY success.  

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